Hotels in Munich

Bavaria, a scenic, mountainous region of Germany is home to some of the most beautiful imagery in the world. Home of the fabled Black Forrest and incredible 18th century castles, people from all over the globe flock to visit this incredible area and no area better exemplifies all there is to see and do in Bavaria than its capital, Munich. Munich is an incredibly popular metropolis surrounded by a truly amazing environment.

When you first arrive at one of the city’s many incredible hotels, be sure to ask about any interesting festivals or events that might interest you. Of course, the biggest and most popular of them all is the world-famous Oktoberfest! If you go in September, you’re sure to have an incredible time in Munich’s incredible beer halls where you can enjoy a pint of your favorite ale in the company of thousands of reveling patrons. Inns like the Hotel Jedermann are perfectly suited to help you make the most of your Oktoberfest experience with a friendly, knowledgeable staff, beautiful Bavarian décor and traditional charm. If the rowdy and loud environment isn’t for you and you’d like to give eco-tourism a shot, you can ask your hotel concierge about making a day drip out of visiting Mittenwald; a vast, beautiful mountain area covered in dense pine forests. It’s a view that has to be seen to be believed. While Munich proper is a busy metropolitan city with millions of residents, it is a very short distance from quaint villages with cobblestone streets and grand castles overlooking vast forests. No trip to Munich I complete without visiting the surrounding countryside.

If that sounds like a perfect getaway to you, then perhaps you might want to stay at the Hotel Holzer Brau. Located right on the edge of the incredible Anzinger Forrest, this quaint little villa offers a true taste of what Bavaria has to offer, with several delicious local dining options, a remarkable view and all the basic comforts of home. Munich City Center is similar to other nearby metropolitan cities in that its filled with rich history (countless museums and art galleries for tourists and locals alike to enjoy), beautiful 18th and 19th century architecture and a cosmopolitan downtown filled with shops and amazing restaurants. Whether it your first or hundredth visit to Germany, Munich is simply an amazing city that perfectly personifies the Bavarian spirit.